Wedding ice sculptures

It’s no surprise that enquiries about wedding ice sculptures are up there with some of the team’s most popular requests.

From Bill Murray’s snow carving of Andie MacDowell in Groundhog Day (see below), to the ice figures in Celine Dion’s Think Twice music video, it’s easy to see how ice sculpture and romance have become synonymous with one another over the past few decades.

Examples of wedding ice sculptures

Wedding ice sculptures have become a great tradition and the Hamiltons have created everything from luges and figure carvings, to name plaques and vases. Check out the gallery above to see some examples of the team’s work. Whether it’s life-size carvings of the bride and groom, intertwining hearts, or hundreds of miniature swans, this is a great opportunity to express your love with something impressive, unique and beautiful. Click here to see more sculptures for parties and occasions.