Ice bar

How are ice bars made? 

You’ve definitely heard of a beach bar, but what about ice bars

When it comes to unique drinking experiences, nothing can rival the ethereal beauty of an ice bar. 

With a perfect blend of artistry and design ingenuity, these frozen wonders will captivate any guest. But have you ever wondered how ice bars come to be?

Behind the shimmering surfaces and ice-cold beverages lies a meticulous process that beautifully fuses science and creativity, and in this post, we will be exploring everything that goes into creating an attractive ice bar.

What is an ice bar?

Unlike your everyday pub, an ice bar is a one-of-a-kind, fully functional bar crafted entirely from blocks of ice. 

The bar’s surface, the stools, the drinks shelves and even the cups can be carefully carved entirely from ice for guests to enjoy.

The bar will be maintained at a constant sub-zero temperature, typically between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius, to preserve its shape and appearance for the entirety of an event. 

Guests will often be provided with gloves, jackets and thermal clothing to keep them at the perfect temperature while enjoying a chilled drink.

Each bar created by Hamilton Ice Sculptors is custom-built so that your guests are transported into the ultimate sensory experience they won’t easily forget. 

How do you make an ice bar?

Over the years, we’ve designed and sculpted countless ice bars for events around the globe, combining craftsmanship with icy artistry.

The process begins with large blocks of crystal clear ice stored in our Hamilton workshop, which our team then meticulously carves and shapes into the foundations of the bar. 

Using specialised tools, they then intricately detail the sculpture to the client’s specifications, including everything from brand logos to personalised celebratory messages. The pieces are then carefully assembled to form the bar’s structure, with extra attention given to stability and design. 

In the past, our team has designed ice bars that mimic mythical taverns as well as more contemporary designs featuring flowers and LED lights.

How long does an ice bar last?

The functional nature of ice bars means it is required to stick around much longer than the average ice sculpture, which is why they are often designed to be long-lasting.

The lifespan of an ice bar will ultimately depend on the temperature, humidity and level of visitor traffic. 

Generally, most ice bars are temporary installations expected last anywhere between a day or two to a few months. The increased exposure to human heat and interaction can cause the sculpture to melt gradually and lose its structural integrity, which is why it is important to keep it as cool as possible.

Ultimately, the lifespan of an ice bar is a delicate balance between the forces of nature and the artistry of ice preservation!

Where can you have an ice bar?

Ice bars add a unique and visually stunning element to a variety of events and occasions. 

Our team is regularly tasked with creating one of a kind sculptures for events such as:


Ice bars are the perfect eye-catching centrepiece for any wedding reception, offering guests a memorable and interactive experience. Our team can customise your ice bar to match the wedding theme or incorporate the couple’s initials or monograms.

VIP events

Exclusive events, such as VIP parties, premieres and red-carpet showpieces, can all benefit from the elegance and prestige of an ice bar. Not only will it add a touch of luxury, but it will make guests feel like they’re part of an extraordinary experience. 

If you browse our Ice Gallery, you’ll be able to spot some of the exclusive events we’ve worked with in the past!

Corporate events

We regularly work with corporate clients to create an ice bar that is the highlight of any party, product launch or networking event! Ice bars create a sophisticated and engaging focal point, allowing guests to enjoy ice-cold beverages in a fun and fascinating setting.

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