circular ice bar

Why ice bars make a great addition to any event or party

Whether you are having a birthday party, an engagement bash or a more formal event, why not give your guests something to remember with a bespoke ice bar? Ice bars are the perfect addition to any celebration and are one of our most popular products, but what exactly is an ice bar, and why is it worth having one at your event?

What is an ice bar?

As the name suggests, Ice Bars are a fully functional bar made entirely of ice with space for bartenders to mix and serve drinks to your guests. Your guests can sit or stand at the bar, enjoying an ice-cold beverage and marvelling at the intricate details that bring the sculpture to life. Ice bars can be custom made to your size and shape specifications as a stand-alone piece or with the addition of our popular ice luges.

How are ice bars made?

As with any of our ice sculptures, creating an ice bar begins with giant blocks of ice, which are carved using chainsaws to cut out the general shape of the piece. Depending on the shape and size of the ice bar, we will sometimes carve individual pieces to be placed together or create an ice bar from one large block.

Once we have the general shape, our sculptors will go in and chisel, sculpt and shape the ice to create the intricate details of the ice bar. The sculpture can be finished with a personalised engraving or even LED lights. For example, ice bars for events can have the company logo carved into the front with the LEDs acting as a subtle spotlight.

Why should you have an ice bar at your event?

If you want to create an unforgettable, one of a kind event, we highly recommend an ice bar. It is one of our most popular ice sculptures, and for good reason. Ice bars can help to completely transform an event and create an ethereal talking piece that guests of all ages will enjoy.

If you are interested in featuring an ice bar at your next event, visit our Party Sculptures page to learn more about our services and get in touch with our team.

You can also take a look at our Ice Gallery to see some of the incredible ice bar creations are team has sculpted over the years, including the infamous Bar Ice at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.