Wedding Services

Wedding Services

Wedding Services

At Hamilton Ice Sculptors, our artistic team specialises in handcrafting bespoke ice sculptures and ice carvings for any event or occasion.

We provide a bespoke wedding service, and can carve a fantastic array of sculptures to commemorate your special day. From carving beautifully designed works of ice-art to establishing a fully stocked ice bar complete with ice luges, we’ll keep your guests entertained all evening!

As the longest-running ice-sculpting company in the UK, you can rest assured that your ice sculptures are in safe hands.

What Can We Sculpt for Your Wedding?

Weddings are a very special occasion, so it’s little surprise that you might be looking to have a fabulous centrepiece or an eye-catching feature to wow your guests at the reception.

We carve all our ice features from scratch, and our team can create bespoke carvings and ice sculptures to fit any theme or to complement any style of wedding.

A few of our favourite and most popular items are personalised party sculptures, ice luges, and our legendary ice bar. However, we offer much more than this, too – perhaps the real question is what can’t we sculpt from ice?

Wedding Sculptures

Our expert ice sculptors produce intricately detailed carvings of any size and shape, to almost any specifications. If you have a great idea for a feature to showcase at your wedding, we can carve it. If you’re not sure what your wedding needs, we can provide the inspiration, too.

Our wedding sculptures can be table-sized, or they can be freestanding icy monoliths to welcome your guests into the venue. Perhaps you might consider ice welcome signs, commemorations, mythical creatures, life-size polar bears, racing cars, famous landmarks, and much, much more for your wedding.

We can provide single, large sculptures, or we can put together a series of matching table features so every table at your wedding has its own ice sculpture.

When it comes to weddings, we relish an icy challenge and we love getting creative with our blocks of ice – we can even carve a likeness of the happy couple!

Ice Bars

No wedding reception is complete without a bar, but have you ever thought of hosting an ice bar at your venue? We love creating full-scale bar areas, composed entirely of ice and stocked with your favourite drinks.

Would you like a classy, refined champagne bar to welcome your guests into the venue with the finest bottles of bubbly for a unique start to their wedding experience? Alternatively, opt for a masterfully crafted large bar to cater for hundreds, or a small, homely bar for a select few guests to enjoy.

Maybe round bars complete with icy bar stools and stocked to their icy rafters with cocktail ingredients would be ideal for your wedding? Or flashy bars complete with LED lighting to really set the mood of the wedding.

However you like to drink, our ice bars can accommodate it!

Ice Luges

The most popular feature we can create alongside ice bars is our famous ice luge.

These great drinking vessels get your favourite drinks from the bottle, into your glass (or straight into your mouth!) in stylish fashion.

Our bespoke ice luges can be carved into a spectacular range of shapes and sizes, from a classic ski run to blocks of ice frozen around your favourite bottle of spirit.

You can have ice luges to complement your ice bar, or you can give each table at the wedding its very own ice luge as a centrepiece.

Who Are Hamilton Ice Sculptors?

Hamilton Ice Sculptors has over 40 years’ experience in the ice-sculpting industry. We’re proud to say that we’re the longest-running ice-sculpting company in the United Kingdom.

Our talent for crafting ice into beautiful shapes has taken our family-run business all over the world, and we’ve worked with world-famous clients along the way.

Our small team likes to keep things personal and friendly, and we can take your ideas from the creative stage right through to the all-important wedding day itself.

We can design and craft a fantastic array of bespoke ice sculptures and ice features to perfectly complement your wedding venue, or to form a standout centrepiece. We can even arrange an ice bar!

Our professional team is here to help your dream wedding become a reality. Contact Hamilton Ice Sculptors today and speak to our expert ice carvers to discover how we can design the perfect ice features to make your wedding day even more special.

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